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iSpy: A Quilt for Oliver

Ever since I got my Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen a few weeks ago (because my husband is awesome!), I’ve been piecing together some basic quilt tops so I can practice top quilting. I try to have someone in mind when I’m working on a quilt. That doesn’t always work, of course, but I try! Since I was aiming for smallish quilts, I designed them with the kids I knew in mind.


My Buddy Oliver

Oliver is the two-year old son of a family friend. I figured for that age, what better than an iSpy quilt? I found a woman on eBay who sold fussy cut 5-inch novelty squares. They cost a bit more, but since I got 100 different blocks, I think it was totally worth it.

The Pattern

I based the quilt on a pattern from Obsessively Stitching. It’s a basic disappearing nine patch block. The novelty squares are combined with some squares of white Kona cotton and one square of red Moda Marbles. The tricky part is the layout. The squares in the original 9-patch need to go in a certain order. The goal is when you cut the square into four pieces and rotate them, the novelty fabric ends up right side up. My brain does not work that way (I can’t flip and rotate things in my head) so I kept the picture from the original pattern in front of me the whole time I was piecing.

Direction matters!

I used 5-inch squares rather than the 4-inch squares in the original, and laid the finished blocks out 3 wide and 4 long, making the quilt 40″x50″.

Putting It All Together

For batting, I used Quilters Dream Angel for its fire-retardant properties. (It’s also soft and warm, everything you’d want in a child’s quilt). The free motion quilting pattern I chose is an all-over mix of curls and straight lines. I didn’t want to distract from the fabric, but I did want it to be somewhat visible, and the mix of curves and straight lines says modern to me. Oliver is very attached to Sandra Boynton characters, so I searched around and found a sheet with some of her characters on it, and I used that for the backing. More red Moda Marbles fabric makes up the binding.



Overall, it was a quick, fun project that I hope will make a certain little boy very happy. Do you have a go to pattern for when you’re looking for a quick project?

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