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Tool Tip: Best Rulers for Precuts

So Many Tools, So Little Time…

I love tools, I admit it. I flip through a magazine, or watch a YouTube video, and there they are. Think how they’ll make your life easier! Or how they’ll save you time! 

I fall for it more than I’d like to admit.

Many of them sit on my shelves, taking up space. I don’t get rid of them, because what if I need them? What if today is the day they will save me time?

They’re not all like that, though. Some I actually do use quite often. Some of them do save me time.

So when someone asked me the other day what some of my favorite tools are, I thought hmm. I could definitely write about that – and who knows? Maybe I’ll actually figure out a use for some of the other ones!

Best Rulers For Precuts

I use precut fabrics quite often. In fact, while trying to get my Etsy store stocked with baby quilts, that’s about all I’ve been using. Most of the time when I’m working with precuts, these are the two I reach for.

5 and 2.5-inch rulers from Missouri Star Quilt Company

The 2.5″ x 8″ ruler (not an affiliate link) from Missouri Star Quilt Company is the perfect size for cutting charm squares (5″ squares) into 2.5″ squares.


It also makes quick work of cutting jelly roll strips (2.5″ strips) into 2.5″ squares.

The 5″ x 15″ ruler (not an affiliate link) also from the Missouri Star Quilt Company is the perfect size for dividing Layer Cake squares (10″ squares) into 5″ squares.

So, if I were going to be stuck on a desert island (with my sewing machines and lots of fabric!), these two rulers are definitely ones I’d want to have with me.

What tools are first on your go-to list?

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