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Quilting Sample: Flannel Baby Quilt

Quilting Samples

This is the second in a series of posts giving examples of what I consider the various levels of quilting to be. (The first one is here.) A customer recently gave me this quilt top to finish, and I made time to work on it this weekend.. It’s mainly a cheater panel (a panel that looks like it’s pieced, but really isn’t) with a couple of borders.

Light Custom Quilting

I could have done a quick all-over pattern on this one and been quickly done with it, but the cheater panel begged me to make something more out of it. I started by outlining the center star, stitching on the lines where the seams would have been.


Next, I focused on the square in the center. Because it’s the focal-point, I wanted to use a combination of straight lines and curves to add some visual interest.


For the setting triangles around the center square, I went with a series of loops to divide the space up.

For the star points, I did some basic ruler work to set some diamonds, which I echoed.

Since this is a gender-neutral quilt, I went with a fill pattern of loops and stars for the background.

For the first border, I went with some greek keys to break up the curves. Finally, for the outer border, I went with a series of triple loops to finish things up. I really like how this one came out (and hopefully my customer will be, too!) I love the way the Glide thread by Fil-Tec shines even against the fuzzy flannel. The color used on this quilt is called Daisy, and I think it’s a perfect match.

I would consider this to be an example of Light Custom Quilting. Even the back looks pretty awesome!

Another project done! Now, off to figure out what to conquer next! I hope you all get to make something fun today.

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