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Class: Working with Layer Cakes

Upcoming Class

I am very excited to be teaching a class at the Mohawk Valley Quilt Club meeting next week! The idea for this class came to me almost a year ago when we were selling items at a raffle sale. Among many other things, there were a lot of layer cakes.  I lost track of the number of people who came over, looked at them, and said some variation of “they’re so beautiful, but what do you do with them?”

That was my ah-ha moment.

I love precut fabric. Like so many of us, I am so very busy these days – being a wife and mom, working full-time, running my business. As much as I love to sit down and pick out fabrics on my own, I am not very good at it, so it takes me forever. With precut fabrics, I can sit down and open a pack of 5″ or 10″ square (or a roll of 2.5″ strips) and know that everything goes together the way the designer intended. I also love that I get a little bit of every fabric in the line for $40 or less. I don’t have to buy 1/4 or 1/2 yard of everything, which would be way more than $40!

Anyway, I’ll get off my soapbox now, and here are some pictures of things I’m putting together for the class. It should be a good time!


What have you made with layer cakes? Share tips below in the comments!

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