Quilting Services Estimator

Do you finish a quilt top, only to cringe at the thought of having to quilt it? Have you inherited a quilt top that you’d love to have finished, but don’t know how? Would you give quilts to charity more often, if only you didn’t have to do more than piece the top? Let me help you!

Want an idea of what it will cost to complete your quilt? Fill out the form below to get an estimate.  (Note this is a quilting estimate only, and does not include batting, pressing, shipping, or other services)

About Your Quilt

Quilt Size (in inches)

Style of Quilting

Estimated Costs

Quilting fee (2700 square inches * $0.02 per square inch) $54.00
Estimated thread/needle fee $4.50
NY Tax (if applicable) $5.12
Total estimated price $63.62

Want a Custom Estimate?

If you’d like a free estimate, please feel free to email me. (I love to talk quilting!) Include the dimensions of your quilt and a picture or two, and we’ll see what we can come up with!

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